We're Building a House!

The adventures of Jenn & Marty continue as they build a new home...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Details, details, details!

We had our 'Designer' meeting today where we picked out colors, cabinet knobs, etc. We are pretty happy with our choices.

This is very similar to what our house will look like. Ours will be green with black shutters, and have a carriage house style garage door.

This color, but with black shutters.

Carriage House garage door

We added built-in bookshelves on either side of the fireplace.

Hardwood floor in the foyer.

Cabinet door and countertop (the one on the right).

Carpet (the one in the middle)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

We've Got Dirt!! And Cement, too!!

We drove out to our 'dirt' today and discoverd that they've started work! We now have a foundation. Cool!

It's really nice to be able to see where our house sits on the lot. We got a site plan when we signed the contract, but it's so much easier to visualize it when there's something physically there. We've got a decent sized yard, both front and back.

We've also had a bit of a hard time getting information from the builder's agent. First the builder was away, then the agent was away, and the combination didn't work well for having questions answered. Hopefully now that both are back we'll get answers in a timely manner. We're running out of time when we can make changes for 'free'. (After a certain amount of time there is a charge for inquiries on change orders. It makes sense - they have to keep to a schedule and if there are a lot of changes the schedule gets pushed back. Not to mention that materials have to be ordered and/or returned.)

We're hoping to have our 'design' meeting this Friday. That's where we will choose flooring, cabinet knobs and pulls, lighting fixtures, etc. We're having a blast with it all!

Monday, August 14, 2006

We've Got Dirt!!

We signed a contract to buy a house in Chesapeake, VA today. Wheeeeeeeee!!!

It's a different development than the one posted earlier; this one's much bigger (the development that is). The house is bigger too, by about 500 square feet. It's a MUCH nicer house! The builder has done a lot of upper-end houses - this is his first foray into our price range. He builds quality and that's really important to us. We won't get the extra garage for free like at the other place, but we're much happier with the house in general as well as with the neighborhood. It's good all around.

Our lot is lucky number 13. Funny, but that's the same number lot we were going to go with at the other development. This time we ended up with it because the builder gave us an incentive. He had already specced a house for that lot (that we liked) and had all the permits, etc. for it, so we took it. It also means that we'll get our house in time for us to move in at our own pace. If all goes on schedule (and when does that ever happen?) we should have about 5-6 weeks to move in before our lease is up. If they fall behind, they've got several weeks to finish up that won't have a huge impact on us. So far so good!

Friday, August 04, 2006

A-hunting We Will Go...

We've been house-hunting for a while now. Too many open houses to contemplate!

We found a new development that we're very interested in. It's a small development, but small can be good. The houses are priced right for us, the builder has a number of communities in the region, and it's a chance to build a new house! The lot we want is lucky #13. Unfortunately, that lot is slated for phase 3 of the development which means it will take some time to get the permits to build on it. We have to move by February or find another short-term lease. Not easy to do around here... We like that lot because we can have a side-load garage and it has a clear view of the pond (borrow pit) across the street.

The builder is giving us all kinds of incentives, including a separate 2-car garage for free! That would be Marty's sawdust shop and some storage. We'd have a total of 4 bays of garage! Wow!