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Friday, August 04, 2006

A-hunting We Will Go...

We've been house-hunting for a while now. Too many open houses to contemplate!

We found a new development that we're very interested in. It's a small development, but small can be good. The houses are priced right for us, the builder has a number of communities in the region, and it's a chance to build a new house! The lot we want is lucky #13. Unfortunately, that lot is slated for phase 3 of the development which means it will take some time to get the permits to build on it. We have to move by February or find another short-term lease. Not easy to do around here... We like that lot because we can have a side-load garage and it has a clear view of the pond (borrow pit) across the street.

The builder is giving us all kinds of incentives, including a separate 2-car garage for free! That would be Marty's sawdust shop and some storage. We'd have a total of 4 bays of garage! Wow!


At 9:24 PM, Blogger Chris Magill said...

That will give all the WCMERS a place to park when we come to visit!

How fun to build your own house. Get the best wiring you can buy.

Chris Magill


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