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Friday, September 01, 2006

Ernesto makes his mark

We've got water. Boy, do we have water!

It started raining late last night. We didn't think that much about it... when we woke up this morning, the street was a little flooded, but it looked okay to drive through if you kept to the center. Good thing we didn't try it! What looked like dry pavement was actually flooded with several inches of water, and what looked like puddles at the sides of the road was really deeper water that was stirring up the mud so it looked lighter. It's raining pretty heavily now...

An hour later, and the water level has risen dramatically. It's creeping up the lawn...

Another hour and we move the cars as close to the house as we can get them. It's still raining heavily. The water has gone up another few inches.

Late morning: the rain has slowed considerably; the water is up to our doorstep and high enough to touch the tailpipes of our cars. Another inch or two and the cars would likely have water damage.

Noonish: The rain has pretty much stopped. People are coming out of their houses to assess damage. Our neighbors down the street have water in their garages. Two or three may have some water in their houses as well as garages. There are quite a few cars with flooding in the footwells; most were parked on the street, but some were in driveways.

Some garage doors have buckled from wakes caused by teenagers joyriding in trucks. They didn't realize how much damage they were doing... we think some of the houses that got water in them might not have had a problem if these kids had just slowed down.

Marty and I wonder about our new neighborhood... how badly was it hit? We can't go anywhere until the flooding goes down, even if we take the Jeep. The MINIs can't even be moved a few inches!

Late afternoon: The rain has been gone for a few hours now and the water level is starting to go down. We go out to check out the 'hood. Others are out too. We find out that the neighborhood across the street (the main thoroughfare) drains into our neighborhood. That's one of the reasons we've got so much flooding but the main street doesn't.

A little later: the water has gone down enough that we can drive the Jeep out. We go check out our foundation. There is very little flooding in that neighborhood and what is there is near the river, several streets away from our house. We are relieved.


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