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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Week 2: More Foundation

Some more pics of progress taken the day after Ernesto.

You can see some water buildup around the foundation. This is a long weekend so maybe it'll be dried up enough for them to continue work on Tuesday.

It's good to see that our raised foundation will keep the house dry! We had record rainfall yesterday and it's only pooled in holes. Good to know...

Our garage with side entrance utility door. The original plan called for the door in the middle of the 'U' (extra space seen at the left) but we thought it would be better use of that space to move the door. It's cool to see our plans taking shape. :-)

You can just see the foundation of our next-door-neighbors. We've got a nice distance between houses. The blue-wrapped house in the distance is the same model as ours but reversed (garage on the right; ours is on the left).


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