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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Week 3: We've Got Sticks!!!

Drove by the new homestead the other day expecting to find a little more of the foundation done; what we found was quite a bit of the house framed already! THAT was fast!! Boy, were we excited to see that! Our house is taking shape. What's missing is the roof (obviously) and the FROG - finished room over the garage.

The garage with 'horseshoe' work area at the back on the left.

The front corner of our property line. The edge of the street is actually another 10 feet past our property line, so it looks like we have a lot more yard than we really own.

The back of the house taken from the street behind us. Eventually there will be another house in the way so you won't see our house from this spot anymore.

The back of our house close up. This photo was taken a day after the previous photo; you can see more plywood (chipboard) added on the left.


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