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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Week 6 1/2: It's Electrifying!

We had our 'framing' walk-through today to approve where all the outlets are located before they start on the drywall. The electricians have been busy...

Have you ever noticed that almost everywhere you go they always put an outlet behind the middle of the bed where it's hardest to reach, instead of putting it to one side behind a night table? Or even better, put two outlets at either side of the bed? Well, they did the same thing in our house. When I asked them to move it over a few feet, I found out why it's placed where it is: code. Apparently the outlets have to be a certain distance apart and if I moved this one then all the others in the room have to move too. It was easier to leave it where it is; we will use an extension cord when we move in. Harumph.

Another surprise - our Hardie Plank siding is here, ready to be put on the house!


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