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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Week 7: Don't Skirt the Issue

There was some major flooding in the area from the latest rainstorm and high tides. We took the Jeep out to check on the flooding in our new neighborhood. This was some of the worst we saw. Thankfully, it's several blocks from our house. Our street was dry and easily navigated.

Oddly enough, our rental neighborhood that got hit so hard by Ernesto saw no flooding whatsoever. I guess around here you never can tell when you're going to be flooded until it happens.

They've completed the brick skirt around the base of the house. I guess all the pipes and ducts that go under the house are done... our front steps are in too!

It's quite a bit darker under the house with the skirt completed.

That's the exhaust vent to outside for the over-the-range microwave.

Looking at where our sink and bar countertop will be, into the Family Room. You can see the fireplace in the distance.

The fireplace to keep us warm and toasty on cold winter days.

The wall above the fireplace is nice and wide for a large flat-screen TV (eventually...)

The roof over the FROG isn't quite finished... there's a little bit of water from the recent rain.

They even put up drywall and finish off the garage! No ducts will be in sight when it's done.


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