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Monday, October 16, 2006

Week 8: nits

Not much visible happend this week. The electricity has been turned on and the wiring is almost completed. There were some other things of note:

HDTV Pass Thru is wired in. It will help keep the multimedia wiring down to a manageable mess...

Our front porch ceiling fan is wired in too. You can just see the black thingy in the middle of the ceiling...

This piece of floor was mysteriously cut out and replaced... we don't see any rhyme or reason for it. There was a bit of sub-floor about the right size, with holes cut in it, lying across the room. Maybe one of the workers accidently cut holes in it so it had to be replaced? Curiouser and curiouser...


Our back door was installed, sort of. The door that will eventually be there will have a glass panel that covers most of the door, not just the top half. The site foreman says that will happen after the siding goes up.

There was some concern about access to laundry shut-off with machines on pedestals. It looks like we'll still be able to reach the valves even if the machines cover them a little bit.


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