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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Week 9: It's Gonna Be Toasty In Here!

They started putting in the insulation! It's a spray process that fills the space better than fiberglass batting.

After spraying they cover the insulation with a gauzy material to keep it in place before putting up drywall.

A close-up of the insulation. It's made from recycled newspaper that's been treated to resist fire and vermin. Apparently it's much better than fiberglass insulation and it's a lot more environmentally friendly!

Up in the roof they add these styrofoam baffles to give the house a chance to 'breathe'. These allow air to flow between the roof and the insulation.

We now have a front door, too!

The siding, called Hardie Plank, going on. It's a cement composite siding that looks like timber but has the durability of brick.


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