We're Building a House!

The adventures of Jenn & Marty continue as they build a new home...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Week 14: Don't Fence Me In

The railing on our front porch is almost complete!

Interior details are coming along:

Window sill moulding

Attic access

Garage stairs

The painters are working on Saturday!

Our backyard swamp. We've been assured that the landscaping will help prevent this kind of flooding. The back of our property is just about where the white house's sod ends (past the tree cluster). They still need to add about 12 feet of sod at the side of their yard to complete the back corner.

Prep for pouring our concrete patio. We enlarged it from the (very small) standard size to accomodate a portable gazebo. Eventually we'll put in a nice elevated deck.

Some of our neighbor's houses:

One of the original homes across the street

Our home and the Craftsman style next door

Same Craftsman style next door

Another Craftsman style down the street

Another traditional style similar to ours (our porch rail will be white like theirs)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Week 13: Fit & Trim

The exterior paint looks like it's finished. The white trim really makes the house! What's left on the outside: black shutters, porch columns & railing, and exterior lights. And landscaping, of course! We really like the carriage style garage door.

The stairs are really coming along!

French doors and more French doors!

Looking from the Living Room toward the stairs and Dining Room.

In the Living Room looking through both sets of French Doors at once.

Looking from the Living Room into the Family Room.

Both sets from the other side.

The Family Room built-ins and close up of the mantle.

We have crown moulding in the Dining Room! (We weren't expecting that.)

The upstairs hallway and railing looking toward the FROG.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Week 12: It's Not Easy Being Green

We've got color!
The house exterior has been painted, but the trim still needs to be finished. You can see what it will look like when it's done by looking at the right hand corner of the house. The white trim really makes the green stand out!

The kitchen cabinets are in. Unfortunately they didn't get the countertops right so they will probably have to be redone. They are the correct finish, but they're supposed to have bevelled edges and 'blunt' corners, not square or rounded corners. The walls and ceiling have been painted with a first coat.

The built-in cabinets are have been installed. There will be shelving above them, painted white.

The chair rail in the dining room and the treads on the stairs have been installed. The bannister has been started.

If you buy a house in this development, you also get a boat! Now that's what I call an incentive!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Week 11: Making the Grade

They've graded our yard to prep for landscaping. Some of the other houses on the street now have some basic landscaping, though no sod yet.

Priming the outside of the house. The Hardie Plank comes primed, but our builder adds an additional coat of primer using the same color as the finished house. The additional primer is supposed to help the final paint stick better and last longer, as well as seal the planks a bit more. When it's all done it will of course be more even, and a little bit glossier. The trim will be painted white.

You can see the knockout texture on the drywall inside.

We have our own local color too! It's not as vibrant as in New England, but it's still very pretty. It's so nice to have seasons again!